Top tips for selling your home quickly

Trying to sell your home is often seen as one of the most stressful processes you can go through but preparing your house properly with a few simple steps can make that house sale go through much quicker. Here’s six top tips to get your home sold before you know it!

Price is right

For a fast sale, you don’t necessarily have to be the cheapest on the market compared to similar properties, but it’s absolutely vital you get the value of your property spot on. Take a look at what comparable properties are on the market but keep in mind any significant, expensive improvements you’ve made to the interior and how much they cost. Ask friends, neighbours and someone you know in the property market for their slant on how much your home is worth.

Take care of repairs

If there are obvious holes in your home, both literally and metaphorically, this may put potential buyers off. So if the fence is creaking, the gate hanging off its hinges or there’s a crack in the window pane or kitchen tiles, get them fixed so your buyers don’t have an excuse to house shop elsewhere. Even if they are still interested they may put in a lower offer to what they originally had in mind.
House buyers may even request to inspect your boiler, flush the loo, inspect the loft, or check the state of the garden shed so mend any eye-sore faults which could harm a sale. Again, invite a friend round to see what they think about the property. Honesty counts and a mate might point out things that you haven’t seen. Even a faulty bulb or loose door handle may make some particular buyers think twice.

Redecorate rooms where required

You may love your brightly coloured walls and funky wallpaper but it may be time to accept this is not to everyone’s choice. Think about toning down the shades of your main rooms to appeal to a wider audience. If you already have more conservative taste with the paint pots, this may save you time as the more creative buyer may see the potential in making it their own.

Tidy up that garden

A messy garden needing lots of tender loving care may be a warning sign to some potential buyers who will be wary of spending more money than they want to. Even if you’re not naturally green-fingered a few hours of tidying up could make all the difference. If you really can’t face getting the gardening gloves on, you could hire someone to get their fingers dirty instead. Think about putting a few flowering pot plants on the patio and add a couple of hanging baskets for good measure. Some pruning, trimming, weeding and a freshly cut lawn is also a big step in the right direction.

Keep it tidy for every viewing

You only get one chance to make a first impression so play safe and dazzle potential buyers with the cleanliness of your home. A dirty household or cluttered property is a big turn off and may have viewers turning their heels on your doormat. If you really can’t face cleaning, it’s worth hiring professional help to give it the once over. Make sure the beds are properly made, the kitchen dishes are clean and stored away. Have a look at your carpets as they may have seen better days. It’s worth giving them a refresh before the viewings begin. When it comes to sales, appearance goes a long way.

 Just a few simple steps and a bit of thought can make that stressful house selling process so much easier and put you on the front foot whatever your next move is.