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Factors contributing to mental and behavioral issues among staff have been recognized and coded retrospectively from the worker’s viewpoint using the FOREC thesaurus. Results We recruited 323 staff, aged 44.9±9.2 years, of which 31.3{9bbe7861913460eeaaa370f5b0c13605f4bf55ea2ead27eb33fd07688cd80294} have been men. The mostly encountered disorders have been generalized anxiety disorders (106 employees, 32.8{9bbe7861913460eeaaa370f5b0c13605f4bf55ea2ead27eb33fd07688cd80294}) and moderate depressive episodes (86 employees, 26.7{9bbe7861913460eeaaa370f5b0c13605f4bf55ea2ead27eb33fd07688cd80294}).

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Some may be more important to you than others, however all should be given some thought. Details on all these elements for every model could be …