Property Buying Tips From YPG Estate Agents Belfast

It’s always great to buy a new property. The excitement and the understanding that you’re doing a great investment are amazing. Some people are wondering if they are ready to do such a big step, but most are happy when they decide to do it. See this link to find out if you’re ready to buy one or not.

In this article, we’re going over a few details to show a couple of tips that will help you make their right choice. If you’re ready to start investing in your future, you should know that you’re doing a great move. The only thing you should mind is the way you’re doing it. Follow up and see more about this topic!

1. Know your budget

We all want a penthouse or a mention, but is this something that we need and can afford? In most cases, we have a limited budget. We must consider this before making big decisions.

Always take a good look at your finances and think about how much you can afford. Don’t go over the budget because this is going to destroy the other parts of your economy.

2. Research what the market offers

Before making fast decisions, it’s wise to see what’s happening on the market. See the fluctuations and read some articles on how things are going to move in the future.

The real estate market is a vast one and lots of things are happening inside. You can’t expect things to change in a day, but a month or two can make differences that will drop or raise the property price making you rich or make you lose a lot of money. See more on it here:

3. Look for a great neighborhood, not a great house

It’s a fact that not too many real estate professionals will share with you. The value of the house comes from the reputation of the neighborhood, not an individual property. You can have a castle that’s made tremendously, but if it’s located in a poor neighborhood, the value will be low. Make sure you’re looking at a neighborhood where people would like to live.

4. Hire a property inspector

Always hire a property inspector that will check if the property is safe and sound. The previous owner can make the place sparkling, but behind the clean walls, there might be rusty pipes, broken AC, and tons of other issues that will destroy the value after you purchase it.

5. Always negotiate for a better price

It may not be the most important issue of them all, but it’s still valuable to negotiate. Almost no one expects the price that is placed in the ad, so ask them how low they can go. Don’t accept the first offer.

You may think that bargaining is not for you, but if you’re buying a $500,000 house, and negotiating to get a discount, you might save up to $30,000. This is an amount of money that will literally get you a new car, for example.

6. Hire an agent and get their advice

You always need a professional advice. You can either read an estate agents guide or hire a real agent that will not just guide you through some houses, but give you advice on what to look for. The agent is going to be happy to share their knowledge with you.

All you should do is tell them what you’re looking for. Tell them your budget, your needs, your requirements, what are you planning to do with the property later, and share as more information as possible. They will find a perfect solution for you, and they’ll share their insights from the industry. It will make your research very easier.


These 6 points are what you should be considering any time you dive into searching for a perfect property. It doesn’t matter what you need it for. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to live in it, resell it, or rent it. Finding a great property takes research, and these points will help you do it properly.

Don’t skip any of them. Pay attention to detail, and make sure you’re doing a great job. After all, this is not a small investment. Most people buy a house only once in their lives, so make sure you do it perfectly.