Mark Roemer Oakland Provides Precautions to Take When Moving Valuable Furniture


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, typical household furniture can be described as bulky, heavy, oddly shaped, and sometimes quite expensive. You need to make sure that your valuable furniture doesn’t get damaged while you are moving home. Here’s how you can do that.

The Precautions

1. Take inventory – Preparation is the first step to success and the same holds for moving valuable furniture. Create an inventory of all the furniture pieces you plan to move and also list down the furniture’s condition. It’s best to do this in digital format instead since you can create a file with pictures or even videos that confirm the condition of the furniture before the move. Once the move is complete, you can check the visual records with the condition of each piece and won’t have to worry about expensive surprises after a few months.

2. Assess your furniture – After you take inventory, decide on the pieces you want to move. Coffee tables, shelving, and dressers are always included in the list of furniture that homeowners want to move. However, you may not want to take all your bookshelves, tables, and desks to your new place, especially if the furniture is too old, worn, or damaged. Moreover, heavy furniture costs more to relocate and that’s why you need to carefully assess each piece. Will all of them see the day of light in the new home? Does the new home have enough space to fit certain pieces? Answer all those questions and you’ll successfully narrow down your list.

3. Clean and disassemble – Typical household furniture has a lot of dust and debris and some of them can be abrasive. Make sure to clean your furniture pieces with extra care before you wrap them up. Once that’s done, you need to disassemble all the furniture pieces that you can, and each disassembled part should be wrapped properly for protection. As you disassemble the furniture, make sure to take pictures in the right order so that you can assemble them without hassles in your new home.  

4. Pack and wrap – The most important factor for protecting valuable furniture is the packing material. While bubble wraps are cheap and accessible, they may not be ideal for all the pieces. For the most valuable pieces of furniture, consider investing in blue furniture blankets. They provide incredible cushioning and can shield your furniture from substantial damage.

For glass surfaces, use simple corrugated cardboard and mark a big ‘X’ on them with painter’s tape to prevent breakage and shattering. For sofas and couches, you need to wrap them with sofa covers as the last line of defense for the upholstery. After you pack all the furniture, place it strategically in the moving truck to minimize the chances of damage.   


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned steps while moving your valuable furniture. If you’re not too careful, the furniture may get scratched, dented, or severely damaged. Otherwise, you can hire the help of reputable professionals to do the job for you.