Carpet Can Be Cleaned Using Salt

As one of the decorative elements, carpets are often overlooked sometimes. Its presence is only used as a space beautification, regardless of treatment.

In fact, if not routinely treated, the beautiful impression of this floor covering accessory can eventually fade and stains that accumulate can cause various respiratory illnesses. To maintain cleanliness and durability of the carpet, you can call Terrell hills carpet cleaning to do it.

Not infrequently, the carpet becomes a place for developing bed bugs. Any type of carpet should be cleaned regularly. Take care of it does not bother really.

Let’s look at some tips about the following carpet care:

Place the carpet in a room that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This was to avoid the rapidly fading color of the carpet. If it’s already faded, sprinkle the carpet with as much salt as possible. Let stand about 1 hour, then stuck with a vacuum cleaner.

That method is powerful enough to make the carpet color “alive” again. Clean and vacuum using a vacuum cleaner at least three weeks so that dirt does not accumulate.

If the carpet is stained with spills, immediately press the affected part using a wet cloth. It is useful for removing dirty stains and making spills dry quickly.

Change the position of the carpet every three months, so that the position of the carpet that is often stepped on feet can change frequently. If you do not have time to wash the carpet, just sprinkle baking soda on the carpet surface. Leave for about 1 hour, then vacuum with a vacuum cleaner so it looks a little shiny. It’s easy, right?

This way you can do every day without the need for cleaning services. In addition to the quality of the carpet is maintained, cleanliness is also safe for the health of residents of the house.