Amazing facts about vinyl siding

As is widely known, siding is the most popular facade finish for houses in the United States. There is nothing surprising about this, after all, it is a really aesthetically pleasing way to finish a house, and on top of that, siding also has many advantages that contribute to its popularity. However, in today’s article we won’t focus on siding in general, but specifically on that made of vinyl. If we look at all the materials from which siding can be made, vinyl is the one that definitely stands out. However, actually why? We will try to answer this question later in this post, where we will present facts about vinyl siding that you probably didn’t know. 

Is vinyl siding unique? – surprising and amazing facts about vinyl siding

As we mentioned in the introduction, in today’s article we will take an in-depth look at vinyl siding, a great way to finish your house that is conquering the entire United States. Let’s perhaps start with the most basic facts about vinyl siding, which may not be very surprising, however, certainly not everyone reading this article has heard of them before. Namely, it would appear that vinyl siding is quite an innovative material, and this is also true, however, the first time vinyl was used as siding was around 1950, almost 75 years ago. However, this does not change the fact that it is a material which is constantly being improved, which is why it still does not go out of fashion and is used very frequently. 

We have already mentioned that vinyl siding is not at all as new to the siding market as you might think, and the next noteworthy fact about vinyl siding is how often it is used to finish homes in the United States. As we highlighted in the introduction, siding in general is the most common facade finish for houses in the US, while of the many materials from which siding can be made, vinyl is by far the most popular. Today, up to more than 30 per cent of houses in the United States are covered with siding made specifically of vinyl, and if we consider only newly built houses this percentage is even higher. 

Now that we’ve covered two by far the most important facts about vinyl siding, it’s time to move on to what vinyl siding actually is. According to the experts at vinyl siding Chicago, it is a material made of a mixture of different plastics, which gives it its unique properties. However, the most important plastic from which vinyl is made is polyvinyl chloride, which is the 3rd most popular material among synthetic plastic polymers. 

Next, we would like to move on to facts about vinyl siding that are directly related to its advantages. So, let’s start with the price of vinyl siding, which is really good compared to other materials from which siding is often made. Namely, the average price per square foot of vinyl siding is $5. For context, it is worth noting that this price is almost 2.5 times lower than for classic cedar siding, which is also one of the most popular house facade finishing materials. 

Another facts, about vinyl siding are directly related to its properties. Namely, you might not have known that the siding we are describing is available in many thicknesses, so it can be tailored to suit many different projects and expectations. Furthermore, regardless of its thickness, vinyl siding, when well installed is very resistant even to gusty winds. The best vinyl siding can withstand wind gusts of up to 100 miles per hour. 

At the very end, we would like to emphasise one more very important fact about vinyl siding. Of the really many siding materials available on the market, vinyl stands out because it does not require heavy maintenance. In order to take care of it effectively, all you need to do is clean it regularly and coat it with impregnants, so that it retains its great appearance for years to come. 


In summary, as we have outlined in today’s article, vinyl has remained by far the most popular siding material in the United States for many years for good reason. It owes its popularity primarily to its myriad advantages, which we have outlined in today’s article. Therefore, if you are still wondering what material to choose for your home’s facade finish, be sure to consider vinyl and you won’t regret it.