Clogged Tap? Check Yourself with This Tutorial

Of course, it is not convenient if the flow of clean water in your home or office is not smooth because the tap is clogged. Even though water is very important for various activities, starting from bathing, washing, cleaning the house or even as one of the important raw materials for the production process. Clogged taps will have an impact on activities, because the flow of water becomes much less discharge, even though the water supply is no problem. Now here dwh plumbing solutions can help you, dwh plumbing solutions is a plumber Newcastle that has been trusted for a long time.

The pressure of small tap water or even clogged taps is principally caused by two main possibilities, namely: Lack of pressure on the main water source of the house or the presence of blockages that affect the flow of water to some or all of the water taps of the house.

If there is a small pressure or a tap clogged on one of the taps, all you have to do is check the whole tap at home. Does this small tap water pressure occur only in one tap, or some tap in your house? If it occurs on several taps, the problem is probably in your clean water pipeline.

However, if the pressure of the water is small or the tap is only happening on 1 tap, the problem is certainly not far from the tap. There are a number of things you can do yourself at home if there is a small pressure on one of the taps:

1. Check the faucet aerator

clogged aerators What is an aerator of the faucet? The aerator is often also called a tap end filter. This small filter shaped like a mosquito wire is installed at the end of the faucet in order to filter out the dirt carried by the water. Over time the dirt will accumulate in this filter and can cause tap water pressure that comes out small or even clogs up if the accumulated dirt is large enough

The way to overcome this problem is quite easy. Remove the aerator from the end of the faucet by turning counter-clockwise. Open and clean the inside. If the sludge is sufficiently dense, you can use the help of a vinegar solution to soften it. For more details, read the article: How to clean the water tap aerator. When finished, replace the aerator and turn on the tap. If the water returns to normal, your problem is complete!

What if the aerator is not the source of the problem?

2. Check the water tap

If cleaning the aerator does not solve the problem of small tap water pressure, it means there is a blockage in another place that must be sought. The first step to do is: Check whether the source of the problem is in the tap or not.

The method is quite easy. Turn off the outlet to the tap, then open the flexible water supply hose on the tap. Turn the stop tap on again. If the water flows profusely, then your faucet is the problem.

If your faucet is directly installed on a water pipeline, you can close the main water source of the house, then replace the water tap with a new tap (just a simple tap). Revive the water source, if the water flows with normal pressure, it is certain that your old water tap is the source of the problem.

After making sure the source of the problem is in the tap, you can replace the clogged tap with a new one or try to overcome the blockage in the tap. Here’s how to clean the blockages in your water tap:

  • Remove the tap.
  • Prepare a vinegar solution in the basin.
  • Soak the tap for 12 hours.
  • Wash the tap thoroughly.

Before reassembling, in an open tap state try blowing one end of the faucet, noting whether the gusts of wind can flow smoothly. If not, you will have to replace it with a new tap.

Replace the tap and turn on the water.

What if the water tap is not the source of the problem?

3. Wash / Clean your clean water pipeline

In-pipe crusts If the following 3 things have been ascertained it is not a source of problems with small tap water or clogged taps:

  • Power presses the main source of water.
  • Faucet filter/aerator.
  • Tap water.

It can be concluded that there is a blockage in your clean water pipeline. For more details on why this can happen please click the following article: Secrets of the hidden clean water pipes that you need to know.

To overcome this, you need the help of professional cleaning/plumbing services with equipment that is specifically made for this purpose. Pipeline doctors have the latest technology that can help you quickly and safely make your pipes clean again like new.